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EKB – Hahn Appliance Displays

Inside Hahn Appliance you will find 6.000 square feet of highly detailed kitchen displays designed and built by Edmond Kitchen & Bath LLC

Although we do not staff this location, the displays are available to tour 7 days a week during Hahn’s store hours.

3947 W. Reno, OKC  73107 (Directly across from White Water Bay)

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Downtown Edmond

243 N. Broadway, Edmond 73034  (Across from main Post Office)

The Edmond Showroom is currently undergoing a major renovation – yes, the remodel company is remodeling!


  • Monday – Friday 9:00 to 6:00
  • Saturday 9:00 to 2:00
  • Holiday hours may vary – please call before heading over!

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We give a free – no cost, no obligation consultation appointment with the goal of arriving at a range of what typical projects like yours may cost.  Once a price range is agreed upon, a retainer fee is taken to further the process by producing drawings, obtain product estimates, and develop firm calculations.  We dislike sloppy estimating and margin of error percentage type contracts!  We want you to know exactly what your project is going to cost up front.  Give us a call to arrange a time to talk about the specifics of your project.

Our first meeting with the design team is free.  After exploring your project, we come to an initial agreement of what the project may cost, and take a couple of small retainers up front to further the design and estimating process.  Once the final project is designed and estimated, we take a deposit before ordering special materials or beginning any work.  This enables us to begin scheduling the project and have materials on hand for work to begin and move along efficiently towards completion.  At the end, the final payment is not due until all punchlist items are completed.

Experience has taught us that you will receive the best results when you entrust the entire process to us and our cultivated tradespeople.  Your Uncle does not answer to us, nor do we know if he can do what the job requires.  We also do not know what to expect of him for scheduling or commitment to the job.  Our tradespeople are anxious to please, knowing that future jobs will come from us based on their performance on your job.

The short answer is No.  We have found that our designs are best brought to life by our own installation crews.  There is quite a bit of risk taken when designing without knowledge of the skillset of the installer.  All things are possible but it’s not worth risking your disappointment and our reputation.  Most families would testify to the teamwork and coordination that is evident in our processes.

Generally not a good idea.  While many a homeowner has tackled the tear out, what will you do if you break a water line while ripping out the counters?  Or worse yet – get injured taking up wood floors!  That would go quite far to quell the enthusiasm you and your family have going into the project…  And how does that old plumber saying go: Plumb your sink, $50.  Watch me plumb your sink, $75.  Teach you how to plumb your sink, $200!

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