Looking for Free Estimates?

Looking for Free Estimates?

Searching for a free estimate for your kitchen or bath?  If you ask for an estimate to repaint a bedroom, I can give you an exact price with no hesitation.  On a bathroom or kitchen however, I need to know what materials and labor we are using in order to give you a price.  Are we using inexpensive builders-grade tiles for 60 cents a foot, or some of the new wood-look tiles, 6′ long, that run more than $7 a foot?  Do you want skilled, legal labor, or are you ok with using illegal crews that don’t allow for a background check?  This all adds up into the cost of a job.

Then there’s the design – You are about to transform the most expensive and the most important room in your home. Do you want to entrust this design process to someone that is working for free?  Or would you rather hire a professional that charges what they are worth.  We believe that when you pay for quality, you only cry once.

We provide estimates in this manner:

  • During our first – no cost – meeting with you, our design team will develop an estimated budget, on the spot, at no charge.
  • If you decide to proceed with us to the next step, we will develop CAD drawings, selection samples, and mock ups as needed.  Along with this we will present a price promise – not a guess.

With over 15 years in business, our process has a proven track record with over 400 very successful projects.  Yours should be next!