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We, along with our clients, are proud of our work.  Every photo you see on our website are actual rooms we designed and built – no stock photos allowed.  Below are just a few of the more than 450 rooms we have created over the last 16 years.  Each of these clients would be glad to share their experiences with you, as most of them have posted reviews of our relationship online.   The majority of these families have also used us repeatedly over the years, with this being just one room of many we have redesigned or built for them.

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Sometimes the best way to see what we actually did to a home is to compare the final project to what we started with.  Only then can you see the changes to floor plan spacing,  appliance and sink locations, or other changes that improved the functionality of the space, while creating a beautiful room.

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All of our projects begin with photo-quality CAD renders like these.  This too is a process – rather than a “here it is, take it” approach, we develop the final plan through creating multiple renders and refining to hone in on what is important and to illustrate the details of what will be done.  Even if you don’t think like an engineer, you’ll be glad that we do.

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